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Modern Railing

Using sleek and modern ACE Glass Railing Handrail to frame your view with elegance, Constructed with only the highest quality materials, our wood and metal handrails offer clean lines and minimal disruption. Brackets, joints, and mounting materials have been carefully designed to keep the focus on the beauty around you, not the hardware.

As the view opens up before you, rest assured that you and your guests are supported by luxurious handrails that will stand the test of time.

Aluminum Glass Railing

The aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is easy to install, easy to process, and the product is light.

Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail has high strength, strong flexibility, and good corrosion resistance.

U Channel Base Railing

Aluminum Base Shoe Glass Railing/frameless glass channel railing/aluminum channel glass balustrade is floor mounting glass channel railing system, also available for wall side mounting.

6063-T5 Aluminum material with excellent corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use. It’s finished as anodized color, powder coating colors and wood grain in many decoration designs.

Cable Railing

With modern design and low prices, steel wire railings are the main alternative to railings on decks and stairs. We use stainless steel as raw material to precisely manufacture components, so even hardware is corrosion-resistant. Durable wire is a sturdy solution that can safely protect your deck and stairs. Buy, get a quote or view some completed projects!

Rod Railing

ACE’s Stainless Steel Rod Railing is perfect for any home with its modern style.

With Rods, Installation has never been easier and its hardware is completely stainless steel to help this system last a lifetime.

Rod Railing is also great for extreme coastal environments, curved applications, and as stair railing. Our rods railing have made horizontal railing systems the best they have ever been.

Glass Post Railing

The glass post railing system is made up of stainless steel/metal posts and glass clips. Each clip is made from 304/316/2205 stainless steel. It grips the glass panels from both sides using rubber pads in between steel plates.

Using the clips with normal glass, or secure them to pre-drilled glass with a bolt for extra strength.

Spigot Glass Railing

Clamped Glass Railing is a system where the glass panels are secured with glass clips mounted to posts or occasionally the railing or shoe. This system is very simple and goodlooking for pool and balcony.

Glass Spigot: Grade Stainless steel Duplex 2205, 304/316 grade also available for choice.Duplex 2205 with high anti-corrosion ability. Glass spigot surface option: Mirror Polish Finished/Satin-Finished/Nickel Brushed. No Holes required for glass panels. It has square and round shape.

Standoff Glass Railing

Standoff glass railing is a system where the glass panels are secured with standoffs (round/ square stainless steel cylinders). The glass has pre-drilled holes, it is leveled in place, and the standoffs secure the panel to the vertical face of the stair and floor system. This can be a frameless railing system with a minimal amount of visual hardware.

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