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Nov. 01, 2017


A house looks particularly exquisite when its balcony looks stunning because from a distance an attractive balcony creates the ultimate impression. For a classic appearance installing frameless glass balustrades can make all the difference. With this addition or home improvement idea, a house owner can take the beauty of his luxury home to the next level. Glass balustrading is just awesome because it is elegant, classy, durable and ensures total privacy. However, in spite of investing a hefty sum of money on the expensive glass enclosing units, they end up suffering from losses as they either crack or deteriorate.  Here is a list of 5 common mistakes that they require to circumvent.

Making decisions based on price:

Obviously, price is important and for buying anything people have to do the payment. But it happens many times a buyer forgets to think beyond price such as asking other queries or thinking about other factors. This includes what does that initial estimate include? Do the glass units comply with the Australian Standards and BCA codes? Is there a guarantee period? These questions must be asked to a vendor or service provider of  ACE glass balustrades

Thinking about elegance only and not safety:

While selecting glass crafted balustrades people tend to consider only its aesthetic appeal rather than focusing on its safety. This is a huge mistake as neglecting its safety aspect may have many negative repercussions as an accident might occur, glasses can crack early. It is important to prepare for the worst situations even if it seems they are unlikely to happen. Opting for tempered glass balustrading is a good decision as it is 5 times stronger and more durable than standard glass fencings. It is highly recommended to opt for tempered units if a buyer has kids or pets at his or her home.

Not researching sufficiently:

Shopping for any product without adequate research is a huge mistake and frameless glass balustrades is not an exception. By conducting proper research, buyers can get the best deal and become acquainted with the safety codes, designs, types, features, aesthetics, cleaning procedures of the glass balustrading. The internet is a reliable source to find relevant information on all the above things, so make use of it.

Not calling the professionals for installation services:-

For saving money, many home owners try to install the glass made balustrades single-handedly or by themselves. This is a huge mistake committed as they lack the experience and are not familiar with the construction rules. Installing the units is an intricate task and the professional contractors are the best for the task. They can install them perfectly on staircases or balconies which drastically reduces the chances of the glass getting cracked or suffering breakages.

Getting several quotes:-

For purchasing glass enclosures, 2-3 quotes from reputable companies are sufficient to avail a quality product and true worth for money. However, many customers opt for several quotes which instead of doing anything good, confuses them and as a result, they are inclined to take a wrong decision.

ACE Architectural Products Co.,Ltd  provides quality and classy glass balustrading for residential and commercial premises. Get quotes from the company and select the most appropriate unit.