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Panama Metro Line 2 Projects

Sep. 03, 2018

Panama Metro Line 2 Projects

The contract for the construction of Line 2 of the Panama Metro consists of design engineering services, civil works, ancillary installations of the line, supply and installation of the comprehensive 

railway system including rolling stock and initial commissioning of the line.

The works will include 17 stations and 21 kilometres of elevated railway lines, connecting the stations from the district of San Miguelito to 24 de Diciembre. It includes three different station typologies: 

Central shafts, gantry and special stations. The initial design accommodates a flow of 16,000 passengers per hour in each direction. This project will benefit approximately half a million people in the 

eastern Panama district.

What we provide for this projects:

We provided all of the 17 stations related stainless steel glass balustrade, the total quantity more than 8,000 liner meters long.

Total Projects Value More Than USD800,000.