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Aluminum Post Handrail Powder Coated Balustrade System

The aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is easy to install, easy to process, and the product is light.

Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail has high strength, strong flexibility, and good corrosion resistance.

Compared with other traditional materials, aluminum alloy balcony guardrails can resist greater impact and tension while having better flexibility.

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The energy to produce one ton of aluminum for fabrication is only 5% that of other materials,saving nearly 10 tons of CO2 emissions-an extra benefit that enhances LEEDS ratings for a project.

The surface of the aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is treated with anti-oxidation treatment, which can make the aluminum alloy product have a high corrosion resistance function.

No matter what kind of environment, the aluminum alloy guardrail will not rust, fade, powder, fall off, and the color will be bright and lasting. At the same time, rich color options to meet customer requirements.

Post 50*50mm Square Tube Or Adjust Based On Clients Requests Surface Finish Powder Coated
Glass Panel Toughed, Laminated, Obscure Glass Color Clear, Frosted or Tinted
Height Customized Mount Type Top, Side or Core Mount
Top Cap 90*32mm Square Handrail Assist Rail 1½"SS Rail; 2"Wood Rail
Color Option Black, White or Customized Based On Clients Color Code
Glass Thickness 1/2"(min.) Glass Panels

Step1: Send your measurement or project drawing

In the early stages of the process, you can send us the measurement or your project drawing. If you don't have the dimension, we will instruct you how to measure it . During this session, our designer team will be in communication with you or your Engineer troubleshooting problems.

Step2: Design

Get in touch with our Design Team to get a personalized quote and start the process of engineering your new railing.

With just approximate measurements, we can get you pricing on the railing needed for your home and space! Don’t worry about precision in this step right now, once the quote is complete, our team gathers the rest of the information needed.

Aluminum Glass Railing
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Step 3: Quote

The price of your aluminum glass railing system will be determined by the overall size of the railing you need, as well as the finish options you choose.

We have created an online pricing estimator you can use to get a general idea of how much a system will cost for your application, and you can see how different finish options affect your price.

Step 4: Railing Fabrication

After the shop drawings are approved, your aluminum glass railing system goes into production at our plant in Foshan, China. We have wood, metal, and glass fabrication facilities so we are able to manufacture every piece of your stair and railing.

The focus of our fabrication process is to make the installation process as simple as possible. The railing is cut to the exact length you need. We are able to be so precise because we control the engineering process for the entire system, and it makes the installation process a simple assembly job.

Step 5: Installation

Once your railing system is fabricated, we will ship it with a installation instruction drawing and provide installation instruction online. Our products is easy DIY installation and most of no need welding. Most projects can be completed in just a few days.

If necessary, ACE also provide installation to door.

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