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Adding a balustrade to your garden deck is a great way to finish the look and make your outdoor space stand out. Balustrades can also improve the safety of your deck, particularly if it is raised above the rest of your garden.

We offer a number of attractive decking balustrade options here at ACE Archi - which one will you choose?

Create Our Decking Balustrade Options

Glass Balustrade (Whitout Handrail)

Made of toughened glass and marine-grade stainless steel, this frameless stylish decking balustrade is a very popular option amongst ACE Archi customers. It looks absolutely fantastic, particularly alongside our more contemporary decking colours such as Grey and Silver Maple. It will also provide you a good looking Sight.

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Glass Balustrade (With Handrail)

Our steel and glass balustrade is also available with a top handrail that rounds off the design rather wonderfully. The posts and handrail are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, so your balustrade will require just as little maintenance as your ACE Archi deck itself! It also can be made by wood materials for the top handrail.

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Frameless Glass Balustrade

If your tastes lean towards the more minimalist end of the design spectrum, our frameless glass balustrade system will suit you right down to the ground. Those toughened glass panels are unfettered by steel posts and rails, allowing them to provide the perfect finishing touch without obstructing your view whatsoever. We also supply privacy glass if you'd rather people couldn't see through your decking balustrade.

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Cable Railing System

Finally, if glass isn't your thing, we'd like to introduce you to our best-selling cable rail system. This is a very sturdy option with a slightly more unusual look; the whole construction is made from 316 or 304 stainless steel, and the threaded holes are flow drilled for the strongest possible results.

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